Our Vision

Lifelong learning to make a better future for individuals and the society.

Our Mission

To provide quality education without boundary to accomplish awareness, growth and happiness for people and society.

Our Difference

We concentrate on both professional and career development training and also training for beginners to boost their talents.

The Benefits of Online Learning

  1. We offer specialized training.
  2. you can benefit from quality learning
  3. Most online courses are created by our experienced staff who are experts in their field.

Our story

Inspire Institute of Professional Development Training

We are Inspire Institute of Professional Development Training, KHDA and DED approved educational institute.
We aim to provide high quality education in different fields to help different people with variety of interests and abilities to grow and prospers.
We believe learning and growth brings peace and inner happiness for people and the communities.

KHDA certificate

Courses that are offering in Inspire Institute are licensed under four general activities according to KHDA and DED;
technical and occupational skill training, computer training, professional and management development training, fine arts training.
Courses offering in Inspire Institute are online and accordingly there would be no boundary for the services we offer.
Benefit of distance learning education is that you can save your time and energy more, instead of putting time for commuting to the classes.
So, you can enjoy learning from anywhere you decide and put all your energy for learning, experiencing and enjoying instead.
Inspire Institute serves different groups such as educators and professionals, students, housewives, some who are looking for creating new occupation and totally whoever is caring about boosting her/his talent to make a better future for him/herself in specific, and for the community in general. Inspire Institute also plans to provide regular workshops and webinars to benefit its students and any other interested talented person who would like to participate.
Classes and workshops are taught in English and Arabic.
We are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and DED (Department of Economic Development) recognized institute and we provide KHDA Completion Certificate after finishing each course for the course participants.
Inspire Institute of Professional Development Training
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Learn , Enjoy , Grow

(experience the joy of learning and growing in Inspire Institute of professional development training online courses in different fields of your interest and professions)

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