Dr. Zamani Inspire Institute of Professional Development Training

Dr.Zahra Zamani

Phd. in Education- Leadership, Management & Policy


Dr. Zahra Zamani as the manager of Inspire Institute leads the team in order to provide the best services and high-quality education for Inspire clients.

She leads Inspire by planning for the courses, workshops and webinars, hiring professional instructors, mentoring classes, and also by modernizing classes’ teaching and learning methods with the newest educational trends.

Dr. Zahra Zamani is specialist in multicultural education and experienced in distance and also hybrid learning.

She worked in different leadership positions in education in multicultural environments (e.g. school vice principal, head of department, coordinator, supervisor, class leader and consultant).


Her philosophy of education is the believe that goal of education should be providing a field where people can recognize their potentials and grow their abilities and skills in order to live and work as future citizens who respect differences and can make peaceful societies.

She believes on education equity and the important argument that education should not be limited to any specific age group, gender, social class or geographic boundary.

Accordingly, courses in Inspire Institute are offering online and also are designed in a way to advantage both beginners and professionals.


She plans for courses in Inspire Institute to be based on active learning method in order to make classes and the learning process more productive, interesting and motivating.

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